Melbourne Comedy Festival 2012

I will be performing in “Girls Night” on Sunday April 1st along with Jenni Townsend, Kate Boston-Smith, Em O’Loughlin, CJ Delling and Cath Styles.

Show starts at 6:30pm at the The Upstairs Lounge @ Hairy Little Sista,  240 Lt Collins St, Melbourne.

For more information check out the comedy festival website.

A Night with Andre Rieu

On May 11 I escorted my mother, Lois, to the Andre Rieu concert at Rod Labia arena. She had bought 2 VIP tickets, which included seeing the dress rehearsal, being entertained by host Richard Wilkins from the TODAY show, a 3 course dinner, seats in the 3rd row, supper with the cast, and a photo with Andre himself. I was hoping to get an insight into this geriatric-bopper phenomenon and perhaps curb her spending my inheritance on his merchandise, and see if I needed to get a power of attorney to stop future spending, which I’m still considering after eventually getting Mum to spill exactly how much the tickets were! There was a lot of swaying and swooning, and even a mosh pit filled with waltzing A-Roo fanatics, all wearing a personalized Andre scarf, it’s like he has his own country. For a full run down of the evening, have a look at my facebook page where I posted photos during the events and some of the comments, there’s even some disapproving comments from Mum when Andre was dissed! I had to remind her of my teenage years when she and Dad constantly teased me about my favourite pop stars, she needs to lighten up about Andre.  Here’s a photo of us with the maestro himself, no it’s not a cardboard cutout, it really is him in all his glory.