“Wendy Little was superb, so fast, clever, funny, understandable, relevant and contemporarily wicked.” The Age

Wendy has performed in and written shows for 14 Melbourne International Comedy Festivals as well as the Melbourne, Adelaide and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals. Wendy is the founding member of musical comedy trio The Sheryls who dazzled audiences in festivals round the world, and can be heard regularly on The Powder Room podcast.  Wendy has been seen on the ABC, Network TEN, The Comedy Channel, Channel 31, and heard on ABC 774 ABC, Triple J, 3RRR, 3PBS, 3AK, Southern FM.

A jill of all trades, comedian, speaker, actor, writer and composer. Wendy’s penchant for funny songs, most likely stems from her parents. They performed in Gilbert and Sullivan productions and left six-month old Wendy backstage in a wicker bassinet. She was either destined to be a musical comic or the very model of a modern major general.

“Wendy Little connects with her audience well, largely through likeability rather than any particular technique. She uses all the comedic devices at her disposal, traversing song, film and sketch. Yet she doesn’t dwell on any of them long enough to get bogged down. This could be because Little believes in a fast-moving show… The  goodwill Little generates from her audience may mean they don’t care what the reason is.Chas Licciardello, The Chaser

The Project, TEN (2012), Live on Bowen, Channel 31 (2012), Dangerous Remedy, ABC (2012), Anlene TVC (2007), Channel 31 “Bite Size” (A Little little music) (2007) Singles TV, Aurora Channel, Foxtel (2007), The Foosy Show, Channel 31 (2006), Champagne Comedy, Channel 31 (2005), On the Streets, Comedy Channel (2003), The Great Debate, TEN (2002), Upfront 8, ABC (2002), Comedy Channel Interstitials (2002), Champagne Comedy, Channel 31 (2002), Sydney Mardi Gras, The Sheryls Float, TEN (2001), The Footy Show, NINE (2000), Comedy Channel MICF intersitials (2000), The Loft, Channel 31 (2000), Squeal, Channel 31 (1998)

2009-2013 The Powder Room podcast, 2007-2009  Southern FM 88.3 “The Chardy Ladies”, a variety of guest appearances including: Triple J: Merrick & Rosso, Artery, Hack, 774 ABC Richard Stubbs, Rachel Berger, 3RRR: Breakfasters, The Cheese Shop, Monday Mourning, 3PBS, 3AK, JOY FM, WIN FM, 3CR

2012 Death of a comedian La Mama
2010 The Uncanny X-Gen, Melbourne Int. Comedy Festival
2009 The Middle Ages, Melbourne Int. Comedy Festival
2007 Helmet Hair, Melbourne Fringe Festival
2007 Parental as Anything, Melbourne International Comedy Festival
2006 Short & Sweet Festival, Vic Arts Centre
2006 Limited Sedition, Melbourne International Comedy Festival
2004 Wendy Little in Kill Bob Vol. 13, Melbourne Int. Comedy Festival
2003 The Sheryls in This Is Vinyl Tap, Melbourne Int. Comedy Festival
2003 Upfront 9, (showcase of female comedians) Melbourne Int. Comedy Festival
2002 Upfront 8, Melbourne Int. Comedy Festival
2002 The Sheryls in Maiden Australia, Melbourne Int. Comedy Festival
2002 The Sheryls on Ice, Adelaide Fringe Festival
2001 Upfront 7, Melbourne International Comedy Festival
2001 Full Metal Yashmak, Melbourne Fringe Festival
2001 The Sheryls on Ice, Melbourne Int. Comedy Festival
2000 Upfront 6, Melbourne International Comedy Festival
2000 Blue Velour, Melbourne Fringe Festival
2000 The Sheryls on Ice, Melbourne Fringe Festiva
1999 The Sheryls Unplugged, Melbourne Fringe Festival
1999 The Sheryls Save The World, Edinburgh Fringe Festival
1999 The Sheryls Save The World, Melbourne International Comedy Festival
1998 The Sheryls, Melbourne Fringe Festiva
1997 Medea Does Dallas, Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Adelaide Fringe Festival Club, Armadale Hotel, Bongo Club (UK), Chapel Off Chapel, Comedy Knockout, Comedy Lair, Comics Lounge, Comedy at Milanos, Dantes, Downunder Hotel, Fringe Bar (Sydney), Last Laugh at the Comedy Club, The Espy, Espy Gold, Glasshouse Hotel, Hi-Fi Bar, The Laundry, Lighthouse Hotel (Adelaide), Local Laughs, MICF Festival Club, Muse Bar, Prince Patrick Hotel (The Planet), Prince of Wales, Royal Mile (Edinburgh), Silvers, The Spinning Wheel, Star & Garter Hotel, Vibe on Smith.

Green Left Weekly Debate (2006/2007/2008/2009/2011), Union Family Day, Myer Music Bowl (2007), Rod Quantock’s Inaugural Guy Fawkes Award (2006), Adelaide Fringe Festival Closing event (2002), Sydney Mardi Gras (2001), Big West Festival, Big Laugh Out, Southbank (1999), Scared Weird Little Guys Superband (1999-2004), Melbourne Fringe Festival parades (1998-9)


The Sheryls “Maiden Australia” available on itunes

a little Little music” is also available on iTunes


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